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Nada Aboud
Persönliche Daten
Name  Nada Aboud
Geburtsdaten 03.08.1977 in Homs Syrien
Website www.nadaa.info

2011-2016 künstlerin in Frauenkunstwerkstatt _ München
2008-2009  ihreEigeneGaleriein Homs _ Syrien
2007  DekorationsDesignerinund Werbung in Qatar.
2006  kunstLehrerin ineinerprivatenUniversitätinHoms-
Syrien.fürBildhauerkunst , Kunstbildung, Material
Kunst (Grundausbildungfürkunst) (kunstGrundausbildung).
2005-2006 kunstLehrerin in InstitutfürLehrervorbereitung.
2004-2005 kunstLehrerin in (UNRWA)in Damaskus.
Moededesignerin (Fashoin und Schmück) in
1997-2002  beimGanofür Designer und Werbung

Kunstausstellungin Damaskus-Syrien 2002
Kunstausstellung in Beirut- Libanon 2003
Kunstausstellung in Amman-Jordanien 2003
Kunstausstellung in Hom-Syrien 2004-2005
Kunstausstellung in Al Doha-Qatar  2007
Kunstausstellung in München-Deutschland  2011 in
Sall der InitiativGruppe,Karlstr.48/50 München.

2001-2002 Qualifikationsdiplomin Psychologievon der
1995-2000  FakultätfürBildendeKunst , Abteilungfür
VisuelleKommunikationin Damaskus-Syrien.
1992-1994 Gymnasium Schule Homs-Syrien

Kenntnisseund Interessen
Fremdsprachen   Arabisch (Muttersprache)
Deutsch ( Grundkenntnisse)

IT – kenntnisse ICDL Level
HobbysMusikhören _Tanzen_Lesen

Nationality: Syrian Arab, born in 1977, living in Munich, Germany.
Nada graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus, Department of Visual Communication (Advertising) in 2000, and got a qualification diploma in Psychology from the Damascus University, and a member of the Union of Fine Artists in Damascus.

Work Experience
Nada worked as an art teacher at a private university in Syria. She also taught at the Institute of Teachers Preparation, Drawing Department , and at the UNRWA in Syria.

Art Activities
Nada participated in many group exhibitions and events, and held many individual exhibitions in several countries including (Syria 2002 – Lebanon 2003 – Jordan 2003 – Qatar 2007 – Germany 2010) and her works were acquired by educational and cultural institutions and associations of the arts and within private groups and galleries in many Arab countries and Germany.
Nada is working on a volunteer project that aims to invest the Internet culture in art due to the chaos in the mentality of middle-aged individuals. This project is considered an introduction towards youth and society and it is an individual project and needs material and moral support, especially by those who have great practical capabilities and interests in art.

Nada Abboud’s Opinions
Nada says: She does not see herself in a specific school despite her studies of all art schools from primitive art to modern one, but her orientation was not for a specific school, perhaps at first she was influenced by expression and impression school until she was focused on the principle of psychological simulation in forms and shapes and highlighting the case of anxiety and calm with space and shape together until she found herself immersed in the worlds of “the psychological school” as she called it, she sees that no artist
About the Fine Artist Nada Abboud
can control the course of his/ her style away from the influence of the self, because the psychological condition is what leads everyone. Thus, nobody can always be on the same line like happy, sad, or always brutal, romantic, element shorthand, classic, cubic, and so on.
She believes that if she linked the art style to a specific school, as if it were sized whereas art cannot be sized or framed. And this is what distinguishes the psychological school the most; freedom, diving, depth, and research in the beauty of works, shapes, spaces, and style of expression, so repetition does not occur. Diversity itself is an art and art that evolves with this case of affairs. The artist must develop his/ her visual and artistic tools and culture and search for everything new to serve this psychological condition while preserving his/ her personality in the work that is his/ her personal signature and fingerprint. Nada had to call it “psychological school” just to make her point no more and communicate what she wanted to say.
Nada does not like anyone asserting that her style is directed towards any school, as she is the daughter of a psychological world which its details formed and determined her human, cognitive and artistic conscience and provided her with a great deal of visual space in herself and her depth and she sees herself that she is framed with this spirit to which she belongs.
Certainly, every human being is the son of his environment, no matter how many years pass and go away. It remains present in his memory and imagination, his character is dyed and painted in its colours, the chances of any artist of us lies in this memory, which is an archive of our work and our mind.
As for Nada’s subjects, she does not choose the idea but rather the idea chooses which means that psychological condition leads her, and she does not like to specify a reason or time to draw. She begins with an idea and ends with another and she is satisfied with this result because it comes mixed with sincere and spontaneous feelings and leaves a stronger impact on herself, she draws because she feels she just wants to draw.
Nada’s work overflows with sentimental sense, human warmth and a dreamy atmosphere, and her work ranges between details that enrich the work and shorthand and symbols that give eloquence and depth to her works, and because Nada Aboud is Syrian and Arab of identity and passion, she has included in the components of the painting and its elements those structures that highlight the Syrian Damascene personality with its roots blow in the depth of Arab civilization and ancient Arabic calligraphy.
When we look at most of her works, we find as if we are reading colour and poetic work, as we see that the female is the heroin of most of her works. She sees that the female possesses these vast areas of love, giving, warmth, beauty, peace and calm. Female is a sparkling creature like a star that illuminates our sky and the darkness of our nights on the psychological and human level. As for her existence as an artistic element, it enriches the work and raises the importance of its humanity and represents a major element in the overall artistic vision. The female is the mother, the woman, the motherland, the dream, and
the hope, and she is the novel for everything she wants to say and serves the work and the idea in an intimate relationship with the nature of the painting.
Nada sees that recently the painting has become less noisy in terms of line and colour, as she sees that the spirit needs this stillness, perhaps because the spaces of memories are becoming more distant, she does not really know, but she is certain that she will not jump with her painting to adopt a certain thought or direction because The commercial market needs such arts. Rather, time, work, and experience are the guarantors of the path of each artistic work, and its artistic identity and lines of personality and entity are the main pillar and source of the strength of the artwork.
The artistic concern that Nada occupies is the manifestation of her identity and spirit, the presence of her creative creativity within her works, her keenness to renew and draw and live her own world with her own feelings, even if she was prevented from exhibiting her works,

Nada believes that every activity or gathering she is invited to is a return to life for her, especially in this period in which every activity is very important because it confirms that she is the daughter of a people who loves life and knows how to harness difficult circumstances to put beauty, creativity and art. All the negative deposits that are cast upon us as Syrian people bring them creativity, beauty and art from the womb of suffering.
All what Nada wishes would be if the fine artists, institutions and officials here in Germany offer initiatives to take advantage of their artistic potential and receive support and attention from them.
Fine artist, Nada Abboud, who has a long experience, is within her very difficult health conditions, and despite that she possesses creativity and tries to work and strive to present valuable art and needs someone who holds her hand and supports her spiritually and financially, whether from educational and cultural institutions or by people and artists, professors and those interested in fine art, and this requires honesty at work and sincerity on the part of all to gain benefit at all levels. As Nada confirms that as a fine artist, she definitely needs someone to support her by the competent authorities, stating that private halls are required today to resume their activities to push the fine art movement forward since they have made benefit from them in times of prosperity and have made huge profits through the investment of them.
The fine artist, Nada Abboud expresses her optimism in the Syrian-German fine art movement and that she will take the position she deserves on the global level with the important individual and creative talents and capabilities she possesses, as well as with her good experience in addition to the well-known names inside Syria and Germany and outside them